Visionary 1-on-1 Career Coaching and Mentoring

If you are ready to make a quantum leap in the results from the existing job search you are already doing, then you are ready for a 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring partnership. Nothing is more potent than personal training.

Right now is the right time to step away from your job hunt and spend some time planning for your future success! Whether you are unemployed or seeking a better job opportunity, our visionary Job Search Accelerator Process TM will help you land the Right Job Right Now.

I mean, to partake in a process unlike any you have experienced before... away from the routine distractions natural to any job search whether you are unemployed or on the job and looking for a new direction.

This is your opportunity to establish a success strategy for your future.

Join me in this program to establish your strategic plan that will have you continue to build a solid personal marketing plan that will accelerate your ability to find an outstanding livelihood with a fine company (maybe your own company). It will achieve your objectives even during the Great Recession we are experiencing. The Benefits of a Written more

During this unique program, we will focus on developing a plan for these critical components of your job search:

The 7-Step Process to revitalize your job hunt:

• Create a visionary list of what you most want to achieve experience and have in your career so that you have a crystal clear purpose and direction.

• Draw from the visionary list the specific objectives for your job search.

• Make a list of best practices you will effectively do to accomplish your objectives

• Decide which activities to perform each month, week, and day to get the best results.

• Manage and structure your time to put the search activities to work in the real world. IMPLEMENT!

• Remove the external and internal barriers to success that will slow down your plan

• Advance your professional presence and communication skills to effectively express your knowledge, skill, and talent at networking events and interviews..

Benefits of a coach/mentor partnership:

• You will land a job more quickly.

• You will learn a step-by-step process to implement

• You will have a clear direction and objectives.

• You will have the support system you need to thrive.

• You will have motivation and sustained momentum.

• You will have creativity and be able to fluently talk about yourself.

• You will find strategies to get the job done and select the ones that will work and you enjoy doing.

• You will focus like a laser beam on the priorities each month, week, and day to get exceptional results.

• You will be very productive, powerful and purposeful in your job exploration.

• You will learn leadership skills that help you retain the job you land and enhance areas that you want to improve.

The Job Search Success Accelerator TM is a facilitated process that will have you determine the most important factors to focus on within your job hunt and what specific actions you need to take in order to market you.

Facilitated by Neil Cooper, certified business coach and mentor, you will be guided through the process of mapping out a strategic plan for yourself. You will leave these sessions with clear and concise actions steps to implement. After each session you will move towards implementing your strategic plan, and you will come to the final coaching session and map out the month.

Over time, you will continue to build a solid plan, which will be sustainable, productive, meaningful and powerful! Please feel free to communicate with me at or fill in the form below.

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Whenever you interact with anyone else (and yourself) you are leading.
So the question is not “Will you lead?” but rather “How well will you lead?”

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