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Career coaching, training, and counseling that teach, "How to End the Job Search Pain and Get Your Life Back?"

My name is Neil Cooper. I coach and mentor job seekers a step-by-step system to do the important things to set up simple systems for career planning. You have effective marketing and support activities and find the career of your dreams.

I teach job seekers an organized and structured system that emphasizes what is right for you. It is not a one size fits all system. We set up activities that are easy to do so that you consistently reach out to target companies and have a full list of effective marketing and support activities focused on finding a job.

I attract people seeking job search success in several categories. I work with those who are unemployed by lay-off, termination, and personal choice.

Additionally this list includes stay at-home parents and caregivers as well as veterans who may be entering a new career.

I work with people who are currently on-the-job and looking for a new situation at another organization or at their present company. This includes planning for the employed executive and manager searching to make an advanced contribution to their company, to gain renewed engagement on the job, to deal with political turmoil, and to achieve your personal objectives!

I teach Dream Seeker TM Coaching and that is a coaching process dedicated to people searching for the Right Career Right Now. This coaching process is for seekers who don’t have an obvious vision of their future and want to find a purpose and clear direction.

Almost everyone I work with is searching for work/life balance. I do Social Skills coaching and mentoring. I also counsel individuals seeking leadership and social skills that inhibit them from achieving their career objectives and need significant help in the networking, interviewing, and social processes. Generally this represents people who experience introversion, shyness, and communication challenges.

Generally speaking, people who are genuinely committed to achieving their career objectives and personal goals, and who sincerely desire to raise their I was certified as a coach in March 2008 after graduating from iPEC (International School for Professional Excellence in Coaching) Coaching school in Shrewsbury NJ. I have a Master Practitioner certification in Neuro-Linguistic-Programming from the NLP

Center of NY. I spent my adult life in the men’s fashion business working in marketing, product development, sales, and sourcing.

I help people to:

1. Gain a powerful perspective on the job search to be highly engaged

2. To structure marketing strategies that make sense for the person and career

3. We develop monthly, weekly, and daily activities that fully support the marketing strategies

4. And of course we teach, “What to do now?” because implementation is essential

The job search is more challenging than having a job. At least 13 million adults out of work; 9 million are working part/time who want full/time; and many are invisible because they are no longer collecting unemployment.

• Incomes are dramatically cut in the form or salary and benefit decline

• 7% who lost jobs after the financial crisis started in 2008 have equaled or exceeded their previous financial position

4 Immediate Recommendations:

1. Play the game bigger than you are right now. Make a commitment to market yourself with a more consistent and effective program.

2. Join a Mastermind group of like-minded people. Everyone needs a support group. We do not succeed alone in achieving our career objectives.

3. Join an Employment group to learn about the resume and cover letter as well as more complex issues such as interviewing.

4. Hire a Career Coach. I hired a business coach because the rules of the job search game have changed dramatically. It is challenging to figure them out even with the plethora of information available. How does one apply it effectively? To reduce the search time and eliminate the barriers to success, hire someone who knows the way.

4 Essential Elements to a Successful Career Search

Perspective is a huge piece of the puzzle and will determine in advance whether you are going to win or lose at the job search game.

Without these 4 elements working in unison it detracts from the job search and slows it down.

Success on the job search is a combination of factors including:

1. A high level of engagement in the search.

2. Effective marketing strategy

3. Fearless implementation of the marketing activities.

4. Intelligent execution (the devil is in the details). Be a professional at the essential activities.

Landing a Job is not that Important!

I have noticed a significant trend among my clients. There is a huge difference between the ones who are genuinely dedicated to landing a job and those who are merely interested in it. It’s analogous to having a job you are passionate about and one that you are not engaged in.

Here is a simple task for you: Rate your level of effort and enthusiasm in the job search from 1-10, 10 meaning you’re totally into it and 1 meaning you couldn’t care less. Select the number.

If your number is from 1-6 you are in deep you know what. At level 7 you’ve got a chance because you aren’t far away from being properly motivated. You must be at level 8-10 or you’ve lost the game before it starts. Really aim to be at level 9-10 to accelerate your success.

What’s the big difference? At level 8-10 you’ll make it happen with power, purpose, and productivity. At levels 1-7 your actions will be mediocre.

Indicators of engagement:

1. The number of target companies you are actively pursuing and researching. It’s partly a numbers game and you probably don’t have enough target companies.

2. The percentage of time you spend on the PC looking at job boards. Job boards are still important and yet they must be kept in perspective to the potential you have for finding a job using them.

3. The percentage of time you spend on marketing online & offline such as networking, building your marketing presence, and activities such as a blog and web site. Whatever you are doing it’s not enough.

The bottom line is that you take full personal responsibility and take the approach that in order to win at this game I will play full out. No rationalizations; no excuses. Keep the sales antennae up as well as moving towards an attitude that is more how you can contribute to the other people you meet along the way.

Or, you do what is expedient and get assignments done when you find the time. You do a little bit of this and a little bit of that. You get distracted too easily and find a way to procrastinate and avoid the steps that stretch you and are too challenging.

Obviously there can be mitigating circumstances, and yet, the people that are committed to get results and implement consistently and strategically are the ones that do get results. The bottom line is achieving success or mediocrity.

Make a decision to achieve success and to do whatever it takes. You don’t have to be Iron Man on day 1. Think about it like working out at the gym. You cannot go one time, work out for 5 hours, and expect to be in shape and never go to the gym again. You can build-up your regimen; build your strength, discipline, and organization. You can reduce it down into bite-sized chunks so they are digestible, and 2-4 weeks later you’re running at full steam.

Here is your assignment:

Consider what you have been doing during the past week.

1. How much has procrastination, distraction, and excuses inhibited you?

2. How have you been doing at the really challenging and essential marketing activities?

3. How well is your marketing routine organized?

I suggest you use the present moment as your break from the past and recognize where you are, where you want to be, and how you are going to get there. Please feel free to reach out and let me know how it goes for you.

The 7-Step Process to revitalize your job hunt:

1. Create a visionary list of what you most want to achieve experience and have in your career so that you have a crystal clear purpose and direction.

2. Draw from the visionary list the specific objectives for your job search.

3. Make a list of best marketing practices you will effectively do to accomplish your objectives

4. Decide which activities to perform each month, week, and day to get the best results.

5. Manage and structure your time to put the search activities to work in the real world. IMPLEMENT!

6. Remove the external and internal barriers to success that will slow down your plan

7. Advance your professional presence and communication skills to effectively express your knowledge, skill, and talent at networking events and interviews.

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Brought to you by:

Neil Cooper
Certified Coach & Mentor
Career Transition and Leadership

Graduate of iPEC Coaching in Shrewsbury NJ

Skype: CooperLeadershipCoaching

Twitter: @CareerCoachNJ

Everyone is a leader—either by choice or by default.
Whenever you interact with anyone else (and yourself) you are leading.
So the question is not “Will you lead?” but rather “How well will you lead?”

(c) 2012 – 2014

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