How to Play the Marketing Game to win?

We don’t all love marketing and yet that’s what finding a job and building a business are substantially about. It’s so easy to get distracted or pay attention to putting out fires and focusing on the ‘details’ of the day. I often talk about raising the level of your game and my guess is that 95% of us have plenty of room to grow. How do you put enough time into the marketing and sales so that your career search and business building is your most important priority?

Here is the rule: ‘20 hours weekly goes directly into marketing yourself.’

I recently started a major marketing project that was directed by my coach Milana Leshinsky. At first I decided to dedicate 10 hours each week to getting it done. The decision coincided with a significant increase in my 1-on-1 coaching business. I checked out my agenda and literally reduced and eliminated 10 hours weekly from my calendar. It wasn’t enough partly because the business was growing. As I got into the marketing program I discovered 10 hours isn’t close to enough to do an outstanding job, and I lifted the time dedicated to marketing to 20 hours a week. Plenty of activities had to give! By the way, my goal is to reduce the number of hours I work even though I increase my revenue.

The first suggestion is to review your calendar of scheduled and unscheduled activities and find the hours you must put in to market yourself, find target companies, and get introductions. What can you reduce or eliminate so that you are able to market 20 full hours weekly?

Here are some corners to look in?

• Reduce the time you spend on email. Check out your email 2-3 times daily. That’s it.

• Reduce the time you spend surfing the internet.

• Distractions abound and often represent an easy means to escape the important tasks at hand. What distractions pull you away from the marketing tasks?

• Eliminate activities that aren’t directly pertinent to your most important career objectives. They get done after you finish your priorities for the day.

• Limit the time devoted to multi-tasking. Focus on your marketing and put in the required hours in one steady and concentrated effort each day.

Warning: Time management has side effects. You will experience pleasant side effects such as you’ll be less frustrated and much more productive at working on what’s really important to you. You’ll be focused on achieving your purpose and that is something special.

Secondly, all your marketing activities go on your monthly and weekly agenda. Say you decide to start off with 5-10 hours of marketing weekly. However you decide to breakdown the work it must be written on the calendar.

Here the rule: “If the sun rises today you are going to put in substantial time marketing.”

People complain about how long it takes to get a job and how hard it is to make sales. Well, both of those comments are a fact, and yet, the way to shorten the job search and grow the business is to focus on playing the marketing game. When you don’t spend time marketing today you may not feel it. I guarantee you’ll feel it 2-3 months from now when interviews aren’t coming through and sales aren’t growing fast enough.

Make a complete list of your marketing activities such as:

• Networking online and offline

• Sending out your resume or warm letter to targeted companies

• Volunteering at the organization that will bring attention to your professional skills

• Finding ways to feature yourself via spoken and written word

Your job is to turn 5 hours of weekly marketing into 20-30 hours.

Finally, take time to enjoy yourself. You’re unemployed, employed and looking, or running your own business and working your buns off. Take time to have fun and do the activities you enjoy most. It will restore and rejuvenate your creativity and happiness quotient. You’ve already got plenty of annoyance and dissatisfaction. Balance the proportion and remember to applaud yourself when good things happen. Small victories deserve your time and attention. Pat yourself on the back and tell people about it. The bottom line is to be effective.

Here is your homework:

Make a thorough review of how you spend your time each day, week and month and focus on managing your time. Review and refine each day by recording what you do and comparing it to your career objectives and essential priorities. Select activities to put on hold, reduce, or eliminate completely. You can write down what you do hour-by-hour for the next week. It will be enlightening.

Now, if you’re frustrated and getting burnt out from your job search then learn to follow a step-by-step way to build a truly effective job search. I teach you the best practices so you accelerate the search using the latest techniques with confidence and certainty to find the Right Career Right Now TM.

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Everyone is a leader—either by choice or by default.
Whenever you interact with anyone else (and yourself) you are leading.
So the question is not “Will you lead?” but rather “How well will you lead?”

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